No Pants

7:21 PM

Sorry for the hiatus. I'm sooo busy with my college things. I feel so tired and fucked up. I don't know why I chose design as my major. I thought it would be nice and relaxing but it's not. Not even close. Well, too late to regret so I just need to cope for a couple more years (hopefully!). For all of you, senior high school students who really love to draw, creative, and be willing to sacrifice your weekend for tons of assignments and projects. You must choose graphic design or visual communication design as your major. As a graphic designer, you must play by rules. There are dos and don'ts. Unless you want to be a fashion designer or a painter. I want to be a fashion designer but fashion schools are so expensive. Oh, well. No regrets.

I realize that I don't post much. I'm not in the mood to take pictures because of my chubby face and a few pimples... Really really really annoying. It's because of my hormones when I'm on my period. Damn you..

I give you some fitting room ootd instead of a proper shot. So sorry.

I would like to say "no pants is the best pants" but I wore shorts under my oversize shirt. Blah... I love to make people asking themselves when they see me. Whether it's because my clothes, my shoes, my hair, and even my chubby face. Haha I just love to hear them judge.
See ya, aliens!

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