Change Is Not An Option

11:19 AM

Some people are trying to change the way I act. As you know, we can't change people unless they want to change. It's not that I don't want to change but I just can't. I am who I am. I'm not that type of bubbly girl who talks too much with a bunch of friends. I'm the opposite. I'm quite and clearly a loner. I don't talk unless other people start talking to me. Even if I want to change, it's not that easy. My classmate in high school once told me that I should socialize more. I should blend in and talk to people. It was non sense because she never talked to me too. Why the fuck she cared?

Sometimes I don't get people. They say I'm too quite but what if it's they're too loud? They say I'm careless. It's because they care too much. Don't try to change me unless you really want to be friends with me. Even my real friends never try to change me. I look quite, fierce, non approachable. But when you know me, you'll know I'm as crazy as other people. Maybe crazier!

Anyway, I'm thinking of dyeing my hair again (I dyed it copper brown before). What color should I get?

Stripes Sweater - H&M
Moon Necklace - H&M
Skirt - Unbranded
Boots - LaSenora

I really hate my face right now because it's too chubby. So I post these photos almost faceless. Just see what I wear, not my face lol.

"Never change. Unless you're an asshole. Then you should probably change a little."

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9 thoughts

  1. Nice outfit dear :3
    Change because we need to, not we are forced to.

  2. No matter what people say to you, please do not change, because we are beautiful just the way we are. And do not tell people to people to change because we do not have the right to do so

    How do you think follow each other? Let me know

    1. yes i don't want to change. because if they really love me, they would accept me for the way i am, right? thank you<3
      i'm following you btw :)

  3. Love your sweater !


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