When Christmas Is Near...

6:30 PM

Christmas is near, baby! So is the end of the year. What have you done this year? Have you accomplish something you proud of? Or did you learn something that make your eyes pop out? I'm a little proud of myself because this year I blog often than last year. I love blogging. It makes me happy unless my internet connection is off and I can't do nothing about it. When the end of the year is near, people will make some life goals for a year ahead. I've never made life goals and maybe I should. Because I'm a procrastinator so I know if I ever make life goals, I would never do it. Yeah, it's a bad but I can't help it. I'm too lazy to accomplish anything. But if it's for something I love, I will do anything for it. No doubt!

So, have you bought new clothes for Christmas or New Year? I'm lucky because this year my dad gives us some money to buy new clothes. Fyi, my dad never bought us clothes except for Christmas (and sometimes birthdays). So, yeah, I love Christmas!

I won't tell my goals for next year because when I tell people something, it'll never happen. It's like a curse for me. That's why I don't answer people's question about what I want to be/do for a living. I'm too scared if I tell anybody, it won't happen. Then I keep my best wishes only for me and the bad to the world so it won't happen to me haha.

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  2. Love your outfit and your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!


  3. chic and cool!



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