Behind My Back

3:39 PM

Well, well. Can I say that I'm currently pissed off? A friend just told me something that made me furious. Have you ever wrongly judged people? I have and I did. I thought people who call me friend are really my friends. But they're not. Would you call them friends if they stabbed you in the back? I'm so pissed because I was being a fool all this time. I pushed away the wrong girl when all she wanted is just to be friend with me. I can't trust anyone because of this incident. Some people are worth to be trusted and some of them are just trash, who claimed friends but they stabbed you in the back. I guess we can't trust anyone who calls us friends. They said it to my face but they talked about me behind my back.
I'm tired of being used. Being left out. Always be the last option. They say don't leave your friends for your boyfriend/girlfriend because friends are meant to be together. They will be there when you're happy or sad. The fact is, my bf is all I have. My friends weren't there when I'm depressed, but he was. He didn't leave me bcs I'm such a depressing girl but my friends did. My bf was there and still there whenever I need him. Where are my friends?

Boho Top - New Look

I went out with my bf yesterday to celebrate his 21st birthday. I, too, will be 21. Life goes fast. This is the first time my bf took pictures of me and it was good. What do you think? I wish I had a better camera and I bet it'll be perfect. Guess I need to start saving for a new camera.
Btw how's your Coachella? Was it good? Tell me more, please, I really wanna know.


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5 thoughts

  1. Cheer up girl!
    Friends will leave but real friends will never do that. Hope you find one in the distant future.

    Check out my blog :)

  2. I like your outfit.
    I love your blog.
    Happy birthday to your boy :)

  3. Wow! So cute!


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