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Last month was so sick to me. I'm so depressed and so stressed. It's nothing because it's only my mind who made me overthink. I was so worried about being left out. I compared myself to others. I was insecure. I thought people's better than me, that I was nothing. Somebody makes me realize that we are here in purpose. I realize that I've been wasting time, worrying about something that I shouldn't worry about. I thought nobody loved me, nobody cared. But some people did. They even gave me some good advices. I mean, best advices I've ever got. I totally listen to you guys and I wish to be a better person, a positive one, this month and on. So, thank you guys for your advices. I can't tell how much I love you<3
How about I give you some advices on what outfit you need when you have pink hair? This was another contest from Polyvore actually. But it's interesting because I always want a pink hair. I want Ariel's hair actually, which is red. But it became mainstream so I have to let it go. Pink, on the other hand, is softer and more mermaid-er (if it was a word, but I guess it's not LOL). I loved pink like any other girls. I'm not always that all-black-girl. I used to loved pink because I loved Barbie and Hello Kitty. Being a mermaid is one of my dream. Swimming in the ocean with pink hair, shell bras, blue/green eyes. I know I'm not going to be a mermaid but maybe I will, since my tighs touch each other LOL.
Okay, then. Let me feast your eyes, Mermaids!
Sky Ferreira is so cool with pink hair. She's one of my muse.

I want every single outfit in my creations. Work work work!
So, what do you think about my outfit creations?
Until next time, Mermaids!

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