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11:40 PM

I recently "trade" my negativity with positive vibes. It feels good actually. I'm in the process of being a positive minded person. I won't lie, it's kinda hard. But I guess people love positive vibes that come out from a person, no matter if they ugly or stupid or fat, as long as they bring out their positivity. Am I right?
Anyway, I'm finally back with an outfit post. I didn't get out for a month or more so I didn't post any outfit. And I really don't have anything new in my wardrobe. Too poor to buy anything, actually *sob*. You've probably seen every things I wore in this post. So it's about "mix and match", not "what's new in my wardrobe". Kinda hard when all you've got is what you have.
When I strolled around the mall with my mom, I saw some stores sell bohemian hippie outfits and I got mad bcs I love all of them but I don't have any money *sob*.

Plaid Shirt - Uniqlo
White Mesh Crop Top - H&M

I don't want to compare myself with anybody anymore. Somebody will always be too good, too pretty, too tall. But they will never be one thing. They will never be me. No matter how they copy me, they will never be me. No matter how many people hate me, I have God who will always love me whenever I wanna be loved. Happy Passover, guys!

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7 thoughts

  1. I love your Outfit and your pics are so nice!:-)

  2. Right at the point I agree with you, better eccentric than perfect common barbies.

  3. amazing post :)
    have a nice weekend, kisses :)


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