Chronic Procrastinator

6:39 PM

Time flies so fast! I can't believe I've been 20 for almost a year, and 3 weeks from now I'll be 21. Suddenly, I'm looking back for what I've already done for the past 20 years in my life. Have I done anything that made me proud? Have I achieved something? I'm such a chronic procrastinator, so it's a little hard to just do anything with passion.
Honestly, I've never set big goals in my life. Okay, just one but it's a secret. Some people just love to tell their goals or wants but I just wanna keep it myself. I love to make people curious and amaze.

The only thing I want to share with you is I wish I get more clothes on my birthday and I wish I could live forever as a 21 years old. Yes, I wanna be a blood-sucker called vampire and live forever. I don't mind being alone as long as I have the power of a vampire lol. Too much movies and tv shows, I know.

Striped sweater - H&M

I wear the same clothes from head to toe and I'm so sorry. I'm not those fancy fashion bloggers who wear expensive and branded things. I don't shop often, just when I have money (and it's not even once in a month, it's more). I wanna be one, though (amen!).

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  1. Love your shoes!

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  2. Great look dear...

  3. You look so cool !
    I'm a new follower dear !

  4. stay amazing dear!

  5. love your shirt

  6. I'm the same, I don't like to tell people my goals either! Love the shoes! X

    Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-

  7. Love your stripes top <3

  8. gorgeous outfit! would you like to follow each other?<3

  9. love this look! cool shoes <3
    would you mind to follow each other? :)



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