Fashion Tips: How To Look Taller (For Petite Women)

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Raise your hand if you're petite! I'm one of them (unfortunately). Today's topic is about styling petite girls. Did you know? Petite isn't about short and skinny. Petite could be short and curvy, short and fat. Petite women come in all shapes and sizes. People always wrong about the definition of petite.

Here I give you 7 tips and tricks for petites to make you appear taller!

1. Try on flared jeans!

Apparently, flared pants or jeans can make us, petites, look taller! This will be in my wishlist for sure. Can you see how Victoria Beckham look taller in her flared jeans? She's not tall, trust me. She's under 5'4'' or 1.63 m which makes her petite. If you think only the skinny ones who can wear flared jeans, you can see Hayden on the right. She has that curve and she definitely rocks flared jeans!

2. Don't avoid maxi skirts and dresses

For those petites who love boho style and not to sure about wearing maxi skirts or dresses, no need to be unsure anymore! As long as the length is fit. I mean, not too long. The hemline should be at your ankle. And you can say hello to longer body!

3. Invest in high-waisted bottoms and crop tops

These two are my faves. I love to buy crop tops even if I have no abs or a very flat belly. To cover it up? Just wear your high waisted pants or shorts or even skirts. Easy like one two three, right? But be careful for petites who have big boobs. Because crop tops just make your boobs appear bigger. You can cover it up by wearing jacket like Charlie there. But if you like it, just wear it!

4. Chop your hair or do top knot!

Chop your hair short if you want to look taller. Make sure they see your neck. But if you love your long hair like I do, you should consider top knot as your hairstyle. Don't do it everyday though, because it could damage your hair and sometimes makes you dizzy.

5. Killer heels

Wear your killer heels, wedges, platforms, or any shoes that will make your legs longer! Invest in at least a pair of black heels that can be worn in any outfits. More tips: pointed heels can make you look taller!

6. Wear all one color

This one is really helps you to appear taller. Especially, if you wear darker colors like black, navy, maroon, etc. But you can wear pastels too or white. But it has to be one color only. I love to wear all black (duh, it's not even a secret). Wearing black tights under your black skirts, dresses, or shorts, could make you appear taller too.

7. V neck

This will be your best friend. Whether it's a t-shirt or shirts or blouses or dresses. Everything in V-neck will look good on petites. That pointy angle makes us look taller. Avoid turtle necks. It'll only make you look shorter because people can't see your neck.

So, it's done! This is only just some tips. You can wear whatever you want. But if you want to look a little taller, you could follow these tips. I hope you find this helpful. Tell me what do you think!

Pictures source: Pinterest

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12 thoughts

  1. crop top and killer heels, my weapon to look taller :p

    Love, Leonita

  2. maxi skirt is awesome but you can't wear it if you are short. and kinda sucks because i don't use heels either

    1. Ofc you can! Mary kate and ashley are about 5' or 5'1" and they rock maxi dresses. You just need to find the perfect maxi for you. It's a little hard. Even I need to cut my maxi to make it looks like it was made for me. But don't worry. You'll find the perfect maxi!

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  5. nice idea.
    visit my blog too.

  6. Thanks for sharing the tips. Although I consider myself to have an nice height (1.70mts), I love how tall women look and these tips are really helpful.

    I followed your blog via GFC and Bloglovin. It would mean a lot to me if you did the same :)

  7. Love all these styles! Especially V necks and high waist jeans! X

    Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-

  8. agreed with this post! thanks for sharingg

  9. agreed with this post! thanks for sharingg


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