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Hey, guys! How's life? Mine's pretty good. Tiring but good. It's almost the end of May. I believe this is the time for high school students to celebrate their graduation. Congratulation for all of you who worked so hard to graduate high school! Okay, what's better to celebrate graduation than a prom? My high school didn't have a farewell party or a prom so it sucked. I really love dresses especially prom dresses.
Have you found the perfect dress for prom? Not yet? Well, I have a good news. I know a place where to find a perfect dress for prom with a good price. Why? Because it's on sale! Dresses and sale. Who doesn't want that?
Here I present you to Sherry London. It's an online shop based in UK which sells all kind of dresses in reasonable price. They sell beautiful and unique dresses. You can find any dress you want, trust me. They have cocktail dresses, prom dresses, even bridesmaid dresses! Fyi, all dresses are custom made so you won't get any problem with sizes. Okay, no more talk the talk. These are some dresses I love and they're on sale!

Gorgeous, right? I love them all and i just want them in my closet. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Sherry London to find your perfect prom dresses! It won't last forever. Better buy it than regret it!

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  1. oi tudo bem... adorei o seu blog... você tem um talento inédito... continua assim já agora se você puder da uma passadinha lá no meu blogger.... eu agradeço desde já a sua atenção.... me segue beijinhos..

  2. Nice dresses! Anyway, I'm following you. Would you mind to follow me back? Thanks :)

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  3. Thank you! I'll check your blog right away!

  4. fabs and lovely dresses, i'm in love with the black one :)
    i'm following you, mind to following back?

  5. First of all, the company is only registered in London to be able to mislead people and rip them off.
    I ordered a dress for a 10 years old, which cost me £100 and the quality of the fabric is horrible. I was terrified to see the dress and even the little one refused to wear it. Getting it retuned turns to be a complete nightmare and most likely impossible. Do NOT even bother buying, the dresses are nothing like shown on the pictures.

  6. The fact that on the pics are very famous people already makes it very suspicious ☝️️The return has to be done in 3 days??! Are you joking? Deffo rip off

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