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11:39 AM

It's June 3rd already. Time flies. We're in the middle of the year and I think, what have I done these half years?

I've never had a perfect and constant answer if somebody asked me about my style. Basically, I wear anything. I don't have an actual style, but I know what I love. There's no such thing as ugly style because style is the way people express themselves.
So personally, I love grunge and bohemian. I do love goth and punk. I even dressed like one LOL. Back in the days when 90's grunge style isn't a trend like todays, I love to wear plaids and jeans. I tie my plaid shirt or jacket in my waist, and people look at me like I was tacky. But look at it now. It's a trend! And people look at me now like I'm the follower haha..

Enough, now. This is my outfit when I went to Sentul with my family. Embracing the grunge again. Even better, with my tennis skirt from LunarCult. I love the skirt so much. Unfortunately, it's too big for me. It doesn't fit in my waist but in my hips. Too bad..

So, how's my outfit? Did I embrace the grunge style?

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14 thoughts

  1. You look so cool !

  2. hi michella :)
    love your outfit so much, cool yet pretty too :)
    btw followed your blog yaa :D

    1. hi sonya! thank you, i love yours too :)
      followed you as well dear<3

  3. You look so stunning girl, love your style and the way you match the clothes. Keep it up!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Follow me and let me know and I will follow you back sweetheart! ❤ Waiting for your reply.
    Love always,

  4. Pardon me if I missed it out but where did you get the boots? They're so cool! Oh and I guess it shouldn't really matter if people thought you were a follower of a trend, right? You just have to make that one signature that's so "you"!


    1. check Lasenora Boutique on facebook or lasenora_boutique on instagram
      thanks for the advice<3

  5. I love your shoes! And I also love your blog <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  6. Love your sunnies and shoes Michell! <3

  7. You look so good! I love this kind of style :)
    I followed your blog, check out mine if you want to :)
    xoxo, Ana

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