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7:19 AM

Sorry for being such a lazy blogger. The most hectic time of the semester is here again and I didn't have time to take outfit photos or just blogging. I spent a night at a friend's house to did our take home test which is a short movie. We shot a whole day and I just need a time to rest. But another take home tests are waiting for me and I really don't have a time to rest. Well, the final is next week so it'll be a super crazy week. Next term, I will do my field practice and I haven't got a place to do it, so wish me bunch of luck! If you're so kind, please help me to find a place where I can do my field practice. I'm open for everything that including graphic design in it. Jakarta residence only!

This is a super late outfit post. Remember the post before this? This one's the next chapter. The second outfit for a competition on Instagram. We lost, btw. I guess I just love the process and not to worry if I win or not. So, how's my outfit?

You're not gonna see me in God knows how long. Because I'm too busy with college. If you wanna help me then it's good. See ya!

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6 thoughts

  1. nice, you both have a great time

    D-1 Monoism ID

  2. Lovely photos!<3


  3. Good luck with college thingy!!^_^)/
    I loooove your shoes, It's so cool!:D
    Your photoshoot sure looks so fun...:<

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  4. Nice post :)

  5. you guys look so fun !! btw good luck :)

  6. you two look cool with that outfit, love so much your outfit,
    nice to meet you bytheway


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