Bandung Diary Day #2

8:55 PM

On my second day in Bandung, I celebrated Eid Mubarak with the big family. Well, not actually celebrated it. I just came. And of course ate. One thing about any event that I don't like, we have congratulate them and sometimes hugs and kisses. I'm not comfortable with that. Even if it's my birthday, I just want everybody to just wishing me a happy birthday without any hugs and kisses. But yeah, I can't tell everybody to do that for me. It's selfish.
After we ate and talked, we drove to my 40-something years old grandpa's new home. Weird, huh? I called him grandpa because he's actually my mom's uncle but they share the same age.

So here I am with classic white t-shirt with blue jeans and platform to achieve that 90's vibe. I love 90's grunge. I forgot to bring my flannel jacket and it sucks.

Can I actually tell you something? I've been a fashion enthusiast since 3 or 4 years ago. I know some people who didn't have passion for fashion until a year ago. I guess this fashion blogger fever is bigger than I thought. So, these people got no clue about fashion. They dressed awfully just like I did 5 years ago. But something happened. We met a lot and I realized something's changed. They dressed just like me! Whenever I wore something new, they did it too. They did my 90's grunge, my witch style, all black, and even bohemian.

I don't want a quick judge. But I feel uncomfortable. It's no coincidence whenever I wore something they wore it too, right? Okay, well. It's okay. There will be copycats when you did something right.
So, do you know any copycats around you? How do you feel about it?

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13 thoughts

  1. Lovely shoes :) Nice outfit

  2. You look so cool !

  3. sukaa outfit nyaa santai but asik gituuu yaa :)

  4. Such a lovely look :) Wonderful post..Keep In touch dear..

  5. love your bag! so cute xo

  6. What I really hate about that kind of event is...I need to wear the-so-called-baju-muslim (lol) for 3hours and can i just wear bikini :-)???????!!!!!it's damn hot!!:)
    plus, I need to smile and salim (gatau bahasa inggrisnya apa xD) into unknown people...uuuugh...(cry)

    Well, I don't really care about my copycats (if there any) (but i don't think i have touxD) but what I hate is those people who follow the oh-so-popular-kid-style like when they wear choker, they all would be soooo crazy about choker...eventou choker was already a thing since years ago... :-/

    Ah, I know that feeling, I don't really feel comfortable if I wear pants and not bringing any flannel shirt....:( Flannel shirt is lyfe!!!!!!!!!

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

    1. What a comment haha :D
      Well, I don't wear baju muslim bcs i'm not muslim. But yes, smile and salim to strangers is a big no for me.

      Hahaha too many kids wearing chokers everywhere. And by kids, I mean kids..
      thanks for such a long comment, gorgeous!! xo

  7. hi!!!! simple tp cocok bgt yaa, keliatan ttp stylish gitu hehe :) i'm newbie here tapi salam kenaaal! may we follow each other? thank youu <3.. let's get along well


  8. adorei o teu outfit, as tuas sandálias são lindas
    Bjinhos Sandra Color-s


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