Black and Denim

12:30 PM

Enjoying my first week of holiday at home. Fixing my sleep time, play The Sims 4 (love the Get To Work series!), a little exercise, watch movies, and so on. I have 2 months of holiday and I need to find a company or an agency for my field work. I can't wait to graduate.

I wonder who reads my blog. What kinda people. At what age. What profession. Fill the comment space with descriptions about you, okay? I'd like to know my readers and I will visit your blog;)
What about me? I'm actually a loner. I don't mind being alone because it's the only time when I can be myself. I can't start a conversation with other people. I know, my bad. I'm not a people person. Even though I born under Gemini constellation, I can't talk randomly to people. But when you know me well, I could be the most talkative person you've ever met! Funny, right?

People see me like I'm mean. Yeah, look at my face. Don't bother talk to me just look at my face. LOL. I have explanations for that. I walk on the street often. I don't have a car. I use public transportations a lot. One thing I hate about walking down the street, some men just don't know how to treat women. I get called a lot like I'm a prostitute, which I hate. That's why I "wear" this face. This "i wanna punch you in the face" face. Treat me nicely and I will do you the same.

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12 thoughts

  1. Your outfit is on point! Those accessories look really good against the black and blue simplicity of your top and jeans :)
    I’d really love it if we followed each other :)
    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    I’d be glad to follow back! Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

    1. You literally made my day!! Thank you for such sweet comment. Ofc i'll follow you darling. You're too sweet!

  2. love your style, your blog is amazing
    please check out my blog and follow (i will follow back)

    1. Thanks dear! Although it's far from perfection. Keep supporting me, okay? I'll check your blog asap and i'll let you know;)

  3. I love your choker and necklace. Anyway, happy holiday! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Your moon necklace is to die for seriously! where did you bought it?

    Btw, I also sometimes love being myself alone, in solitude it's makes you can love yourself more it's make you more realise on the simplest detail thing that you won't realise while with others, it's good indeed, because everything start when you know how to love yourself first. And I also quite a lot using public trasnportation than a car! I know how you exactly feel.

    Greetings from 20 college student from indonesia who studying international relation, now im one of your readers!! follow me back so we can keep in touch?
    LILSHELULLABIES: My OOTD For Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 (NEW POST!)

    1. Aww thank you for your comment! Check my instagram at michellageorgia to know where I bought it! I just posted it;)
      Thank you for following me. Let's keep in touch! xo

    2. Oh from lunar cult! i knew it! i have bought one choker from that ol shop either!

      anw I have followed your instagram! i hope you dont mind if we become mutual there? follow me back on instagram too xx

  5. aaa The Sims 4! what a really nice game. I think 2 months will pass by really quickly if you are playing the sims! haha I mean It took me a whole day just to build a house and not even filling in the furniture ;D

    Deasy Tantra

    1. Wow fellow simmers!! I didn't even realize it's already week two of my holiday lolol


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