Bandung Diary Day 4 and 5

10:26 PM

Hello beautiful people! How's your summer? We don't have summer season in Indonesia but it always feels like summer. I miss rainy season already. That gloomy, cold, cloudy season. I want to stay pale so summer is never be my favorite season of the year. I miss wearing jumper and sweater without feeling roasted inside. People seem like enjoying summer and want to get tanned. Me? Get tanned? Never.

Anyway, this was my 4th and 5th day in Bandung. I didn't include the 3rd day because I didn't go anywhere and I didn't dress up. I felt a little girly and wore this long slit dress and stripes sweater, both from H&M. Same shoes and bag again. I think I need a new pair of shoes and a bag. So, we went to Paris Van Java and it was super crowded. At least I got what I wanted.

Stripes Sweater and Maxi Slit Dress - H&M // Yin Yang Choker - @shophella (Instagram)

This black froyo from Sour Sally. It's trending here but the only reason I wanted to buy it is because it's black, not because it's trending. It tastes good! You really can't judge a froyo by it's cover ;)

For the last day, I felt so grunge. What's better for grunge than plaids, right? I feel so fat right now because I ate a lot in Bandung. No worries because my bf still loves me hahaha please ignore..

Plaid shirt - UNIQLO // Tanktop - New Look // Denim pants - Bershka

Do you feel the choker madness around you? Because I do. Everyone seems to wear tattoo chokers and it becomes pretty basic now. I love chokers and I wear them everytime I go out since a year ago. But now, I don't even wanna wear my tats choker because everbody around me is wearing it too. Maybe this is the last time you ever see me wearing tats choker. Ugh, there goes my favorite..

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10 thoughts

  1. Love both looks.

  2. Nice outfit Chella! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. Nice skirt ;)

  4. Me too!!! I hate getting tanned, but, ah, well, eventhou I just stand outside for an hour... I would get tanned as fuck because my skin is damn sensitive :")
    Plus, the-so-called summer in Indonesia is dammmm hot!!!1/1? more than 35 c?!!?!!?!!omg.

    AaAa! das black yogurt, Wanna try it!!>,< but It's not available yet (or maybe never) in the sour sally in my city uUUUhggh. But eating it will make your teeth black, am i rite?! I can't imagine how to look cool af when eating that... :|

    CHOKER EVERYWHHHHHHHHHHHERRRRRRE!! Choker this choker that, what really makes me furious is the choker is cheap, they bought in cheap place, and It's trending!!!1!(wtf) and they...doesn't know how to wear it...(omg here it comes, my rants) they...wear pinky pink floral clothing...then wear thick black tattoo choker, wtf wtf wtf... and kids in my school!!?!!! they wear tat choker in schOOL?! really?! REALLY?!

    Btw, that flannel shirt is really cooll! I'm gonna search for one in the thrift shop^^!!

    Sorry for the really long comment (including the rants, lol) but it's so fun reading the story in someone's blogpost^^)/

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

    1. My skin get burned and i'll turn to a fuckin boiled crab before I literally get tanned. Jakarta is so hot I could kill myself.

      Yes my teeth turned black after I ate the black froyo. But it was worth it tho :)

      I KNOW RIGHT?! Everyone wears choker and i'm right here like "wtf?! I thought choker means grunge!!" but everybody wears them even to a market-__-

      thank you for your comment! I love to know someone literally reads my blog post. Not just see the pics :)))

  5. Love the skirt :D

  6. Nice outfit! Stripes Sweater and Maxi Slit Dress is beautiful on you ^^
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