Mysterious Green

10:40 AM

I feel bankrupt because the end of season sale is everywhere. I shopped hard last month (and this month). Shopping is indeed better and cheaper than a psychiatrist. But still, bankrupt. These days I love to buy basics because I know it's timeless. Everytime I bought clothes that too feminine or skirt that too short, I ended up never wore them more than once. So, basics are better.

This post is not about my personal life because it's boring. Nobody wants to read my boring personal life, right? So, maybe this time I will tell you about my outfit. I love this outfit so much because it's simple, a little goth, a little grunge, a little hipster. You know I don't follow trends. I don't wear culottes when it's trend. I don't wear anything when it's on trend. I love my personal style.

I got this green cardi from H&M. Yes, it's green. I hate green but this shade is divine. The moment I saw it, I knew it will be my fave cardigan. The color is dark and mysterious, the price is make sense too. And I was right. It went well with my all black outfit. Maybe you'll see me wear this cardi a little too much.
And for the platforms, I bought it from Bershka for about 3 weeks ago. It's quiet expensive but it's worth it. But I was furious when I saw Forever 21 sell it too with way more cheaper price and it's cooler. Ugh. Whatever. It's worth it, right?

I've been obsessed with rings these few months. Stacking rings are always a good idea to bring that grunge and boho feel. I love silver rings but I've found out that gold is flattering my skin too.

Green Cardi - H&M // Ankle Platforms - Bershka // Fringe Bag - H&M // Gold Aztec Ring - Forever 21

Okay. Enough for today's post. See you next time!

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5 thoughts

  1. Lovely look,I like your shoes! :)

  2. Awesome look :)

  3. Amazing outfit, I love your style!

  4. Great look! I'm particularly in love with your necklace ^_^

  5. I love your outfit~! I like the pop of olive green <33


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