I'll Be Here

12:40 AM

I'm sorry if I seem uninterested
Or I'm not listenin' or I'm indifferent
Truly, I ain't got no business here
But since my friends are here
I just came to kick it but really
I would rather be at home all by myself not in this room
With people who don't even care about my well-being

I don't dance, don't ask, I don't need a boyfriend
So you can go back, please enjoy your party
I'll be here, somewhere in the corner under clouds of marijuana
With this boy who's hollering I can hardly hear
Over this music I don't listen to and I don't wanna get with you
So tell my friends that I'll be over here

Here - Alessia Cara

Hello, beautiful people! This is the second post in January. I currently love these two songs: Love Yourself by Justin Bieber and Here by Alessia Cara. I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber but lately his songs are improved. This song, "Love Yourself", is so me in any kinda way. I just love it! It's melancholic but it sounds sarcastic LOL! Then there is this song, "Here". Ugh, so perfect! I feel like this song is meant for me. The song is about an anti social who would rather be alone at home than to partying with people she/he doesn't know. How these two songs be too perfect for me, I have no idea.

Red Wine Top - Stradivarius // Sling Bag - Stradivarius // Layered Necklace - H&M

Move on. Let's talk about my boring outfit again. Well, I can't call it boring because I like it. I didn't wear black but I feel powerful too. Maybe because basics and grunge is so me. Sorry I have to wear the same outfits over and over again. I'm such a bad fashion blogger, I know. But no worries. It doesn't mean I don't have cool style or something, it's just because I don't have the money to prove it. But I want to hear from you. What do you think about my repeated outfits?

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9 thoughts

  1. looking cool as always georgie <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. But this outfit is just so you! I actually agree with "no money to prove it" lol xD! Try thrift shopping maybe? As I know you can find a lot of stylish pieces :D

    Big Dreamer

    1. omg i love it when you said this outfit is so me! happy to know that somebody notice my style and what i love to wear<3 thanks!! sadly my mom won't let me thrift shopping :(

  3. You have a great blog, very artistic.

  4. looking cool!

  5. Heeey Sweetheart!
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    It makes me a visit there on my blog, I'll love it!
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    Sucess always!
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  6. Hello >^.^<
    Interesting post! I am impressed with these beautiful photos!:D
    U have a gorgeous style, very fresh and delicate colors..
    Greetings & Kisses



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