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First post on 2016! How's your nye party? Well, I've never had nye party. Just a little gathering and dinner with big family. And did karaoke all night long. It was fun actually. I bet you had more fun than I am.

I decided to wear all black for my first outfit in 2016. It wasn't planned, I just in the mood to wear all black. Feels like it's been a long time. Wore this top and skirt and this shoes again for a million times. I don't always buy new clothes. I guess it's better to re-wear my outfit than to buy new outfit every week.

Boho Top - Stradivarius // Black Skirt - Vintage // Round Retro Sunnies - Dresslink

I edited this photo not like the others. I usually lower the saturation but this time I just want to edit the brightness. This is my true skin color. I'm not that pale. I'm a mostly pinkish. Some people edit their photos with too much filters. Too much low saturation, too much brightness, too much contrast. I know some people who do this. They look pale and white in photos but in reality they don't look like that. It's okay if you want to look flawless in pictures but don't lose yourself.

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13 thoughts

  1. Happy new year pretty! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. Happy New Year!!! Wishing you have a nice adventure in 2016^^
    First thing first, I LOVE THE WAY YOU WEAR THE TEE... <3 It's so dam cool, I mean, When I wear my tee off-shoulder like that, I ended up looking like a 'perempuan haus kasih sayang' ;_; (I need to re-evaluate my face asap lol) But!!! You look so cool!!!! >:(
    Andddd! yeaaa I'm pretty agree, with all these filters thingy going on, many people look 'different', But hell yeah high saturated photos are the best! vivid color is like....heaven!<3

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

    1. ah happy belated new year sweetie!!
      sometimes i feel cheesy in this tee but sometimes i can totally kills it! lol!
      thanks for the comment!

  3. looking cool as always babe <33
    btw happy (belated) new year :))

    cheer, michelle ~

    1. aww thanks michelle! likewise!
      happy belated new year<33

  4. same here! just feel like black for 2016!
    happy new year :)



  5. I love this open mind print on your t-shirt! it is fascinating

  6. Always loveee your oufit! really cool chella :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    read my new post here :

  7. Nice outfit xx


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