Looking For Shortcuts

7:40 PM

Hey guys, what's up?
Well, no outfit photos this time. I just have the urge to write and this is totally random. You don't need to read this but, hey, I've never said I'm a fashion blogger so I guess posting random things are not crimes, right?

First of all, I miss my best friend very much. You know, the one who tragically 'broke up' with me. I miss her so bad. I saw her in campus but nothing felt the same. Whenever she laughed, I just wanted to laugh with her, or I wanted to be the reason why she laughed. Whenever she felt tired or sad, I wanted to be the one who comforts her and hear her stories. Ah, I just miss those times when we were more like sisters than strangers. How I wish everything will be okay like it used to be.

Speaking of college, I'm 2 steps away from graduation. Time flies. Two more steps and I'll say goodbye to those beautiful times in college. I feel happy but sad too. I'm surely won't miss those homeworks, tests, and assignments, but I will miss my friends. I will miss the times we had together. But life goes on and it won't wait for everyone.

Sometimes I regret the choice I made when I first applied to visual communication design major. I didn't have drawing skill and photoshop/illustrator skills as well. I was totally blind. I thought if I took this major, I could work in fashion industry somehow lol. But I guess I was wrong. Maybe when I have enough money, I will take fashion courses.

And then I started blogging. At first I thought this blog could be my portfolio to work in a fashion industry but then again, I was wrong. Too many bloggers who have the same passion as I am, and I must admit that they style and write better than me. I must stop chasing for shortcuts. All I need is skills and knowledge if I really want to get my dream job.


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15 thoughts

  1. Hello from Spain: interesting reflection. You have to fight for your dreams .. we keep in touch

  2. After finishing college, time flies even faster, darling)))) I remember being junior year and now it's been almost 3 years since I finished... oh...

    Don't forget to check my last post ^^

  3. Anything's possible if you believe enough

  4. hey nothing is possible gurl!! <33
    I enjoy reading your post and your photos rocks! ;;)

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

    1. omg you're too sweet! i love reading your posts too michelle!<3 thanks!

  5. I love your blog Chel. Nothing is impossible you know. hehe I believe you can achieve your dreams :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  6. You shoudl fight for your dreams! Keep believing in yourself, Michelle!
    x, Ivana | www.ivananatashas.com

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  8. ough... I miss my friends too, and am trying to reach out to them by travelling towards their directions ;) Wrong choices made us better person by learning from the experiences. Dont give up blogging just because a lot of people think the same things as you are, try to find a loop hole that differentiate you from them! good luck!
    Great post dear!

  9. I love your blog dear. we're not about to follow trend, make our own trend by being ourself.. no need branded items to be fashionable as long as we feel confidence n comfortable.. followed your blog already. :)


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