Adulting Is Hard

8:00 PM

One powerful word that could make me turned into the happiest girl alive. Not kidding.
First of all, hello readers. I noticed I've lost my readers day by day because I'm such a bad blogger. There's a reason why I'm so inactive in blog and social media these past few weeks. Can you guess it?
Yes, I'm now an adult and I have an obligation to have a job like any other adults. Even if it's not the job I want and less likely to love, I still have the responsible to be an adult, which is to have a job.
You may see me like I'm the most ungrateful b*tch alive to hate her job, where on the other side, it's hard to get a job for some people. But then again, I can't lie to myself and to you about what I feel for this job.
I miss blogging. I miss taking pictures and just be crazy when it comes to styling an outfit. I'm supposed to be carefree and yet I'm being pinned down. Who I am, how I work, clothes I wear. I'm supposed to be the person who breaks the rules but all I've got now are rules. Plenty of them.
Yes, I might be whining. Yes, you can leave now and not read the rest.
These pictures are taken after a long time not taking outfit pictures. Look in several pictures how happy I am, because I'm able to wear jeans once again. At where I work, I'm not allowed to wear jeans. A plain white blouse or shirt with black skirt, and not allowed to wear jacket in the building. What's not to hate for a personal style blogger like me?
First time I wore jeans to work, is when I need to take online transportation and I thought I would change it to skirt in the office. I remember that time, the second I put on the jeans, I felt my life was getting better, the sun shone brighter, the weight I carried felt lighter. I'm not exaggerrating anything, that's the simple truth.
How you miss what you had until it's gone.
I understand this post is emotional for me and maybe for you too if you're willing to read this post. But please don't lose faith in me. I'm still a blogger and I will always be a blogger. Or maybe a writer someday, I don't know. Keep reading my blog and if the readers increase, I won't lose hope to myself again. Now, please enjoy my outfit pictures taken by my mom.

STRADIVARIUS Cut-out Top // ZARA Ripped Jeans // PULL&BEAR Platforms // H&M Fringe Bag and Choker //  COTTON ON Western Belt
The pic will take you directly to and don't forget to put SBNLAZYS before checkout


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