[EVENT] JFW Ramadan Delight With Toyota All New Sienta

12:57 PM

Hello, people!
How's life? Mine is pretty hectic for things that I don't like doing. My life sounds boring like most people but hey, that's the truth.
Nevermind, because at least for a day I could be someone I used to be since weeks ago. So, yesterday, I was invited by Sociolla to attend JFW Pesona Ramadhan Delight with Toyota Sienta. The dresscode that day was "2017 Fashion Trend" and I'm a bit struggle because I don't usually follow trends. Then I decided to wear this mesh top and a brallette, both from H&M. Mesh is a trend this year. I paired them with my favorite highwaist jeans, fishnet socks and black platform. Completed with a black blazer to look more chic and less revealing.

Talk about the event, it was started with games and competition. And then they did a talkshow with two designers and public figure; Poppy Theodorin, Andhita Siswandi, and Chacha Frederika. Poppy and Andhita had their first trunk show with Ramadhan theme. You can see below their designs.

Now, for the main event. The launch of Toyota All New Sienta. What I love about this car, it looks stylish and the size is enough (if I ever drive a car). I always love the look of medium to big cars. Small car is not really my type. The All New Sienta has a wide range of colors to choose. It suits every kind of people. Look how stylish I am with the All New Sienta!

With cutie, Stevie Wong

My voucher code is still on! Use it to get discounts at Sociolla. Simply click the pic!
See you on next event!



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