10:00 AM

I want to sing the song all day long.

Hello, people!
Sorry for being rude and didn't say hello first. I'm getting a good news and a bad news at the same time. I don't know how to act about it. I was supposed to be happy but something makes me uncomfortable. I'm not going to tell you what's going on because it will make me look immature and unprofessional. So I guess I will just go with the flow this time and see where it gets me.

I'm not trying to make you all curious but for this one time I want to be more professional and not talking about that 'thing'. LOL I know I'm killing you all right now.
Move on!

I saw a Netflix commercial on YouTube; GIRLBOSS. I guess everybody knows it, right? It broke my heart because I wanted to buy the book for a long time ago and now they make it a series? I went back and forth to the bookstores nearby and stared at it. I couldn't buy it because it's too expensive for me. I was saving my money to buy that book and not a magazine.
But God is good! Just a day after I saw the commercial, I went to a bookstore once again, thought about staring at it again. But my oh my. The book was on sale! And it's almost 50% sale! I didn't think for too long, I just grabbed it and bought it right away!
Don't judge me but it's been a long time since I read a book. The last book I read is a Stephen King's but I forget the title (and I'm just too lazy to take it from the rack LOL). I'm still on page 89 out of 239 and it's been a week or two. I wish I could see the series from Netflix, though.
The book, I think, is all about hard work. And your first job is not always the job you want. I'm glad to read it because apparently a succesful woman like Sophia worked shitty jobs.

Now, let's move on to my outfit, shall we?
I wore this white shirt under a slip dress when I attended PAC Contouring Kit Launch Event. The theme was black and white and thank God it's the things I have in my wardrobe. I love wearing this slip dress. It's very comfortable. It has adjustable straps. It's breezy and it's black. So what's not to love?

BERSHKA White Shirt // ASOS Slip Dress // PULL&BEAR Platform // GOGIRL! Backpack
Paired it with a white shirt so I looked more dressed up, but I did such a minimal makeup because I'm not in the mood for heavy makeup like I usually do. It didn't make sense because I attended a makeup event but I did 'no makeup' makeup. My face was on a detox so I minimized the use of foundation. I don't know what happen but it's easily get breakouts. What did I do wrong? Pfff..

I hope you're enjoying these pictures and my rambling. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and of course, on this blog. Let me know and I'll make sure to follow you back!

See you again.

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  2. Hello michella,

    Please kindly follow my new blog ya, soalnya yang lama ada masalah gitu ga bisa di edit codingnya.. Thankyou dear

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