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Hey guys!
How's your weekend? Mine is pretty easy breezy.
This Saturday I got the chance to try a workout which has been a trend these couple years. Clozette Indonesia gave me a chance to do a workout session with 20FIT. What's 20FIT?

Supported by the EMS technology from Miha Bodytec, 20FIT presents a physical workout method with a maximum result in a minimal time. Your muscles will be stimulated with a specific outfit which connected directly to EMS Miha Bodytec machine. The machine gives you electric vibes that doesn't come from a regular electricity. Every 20 minutes session is equal with 1,5 to 2 hours practice at the gym, which will give real results from several practices.

Benefits from EMS training with 20FIT: 
- It builds muscles effectively based on our body conditions
- Safe for the joints, because it's only stimulate the muscles
- Every part of our bodies will get stimulated so it saves practice time
- Burns calories and fats faster than regular workout
- Reduces stress level and increases the hormon of happiness
- EMS is now used by many athletes from the whole world to increase their best performance
- Through extensive studies for years, this workout tech from German is proved with injury-free
- 20 FIT and Miha Bodytec guarantee a long term result compared to other workout
- Workout vibe is different than others because of the mini studio with modern and dynamic nuance

Personal 20FIT Review

So, I began with filling a form. Then the receptionist gave me a locker key, a towel, and a special outfit for the EMS training. I met my personal trainer, Mr. Zee. He looked serious (just like any other personal trainers I think), like he seriously wanted to change my body with this training. I was asked to weigh my body. It wasn't only weigh my body but the specific percentage of my body fat, lean mass, protein, even the water inside my body. I got 74 as fitness score so I guess it's not that bad.
After that, he gave me a vest with cables, which would be connected with the EMS machine. It need to be wet first so the electricity from the machine would vibe better.

He told me how this training is not just for fat loss or weight loss program, but it's also for toning program, back bone theraphy, and health. It helps athletes to recover from injuries. It's a theraphy machine for people with back bone problems. Basically everybody can join EMS training.

The moves were static and looked easy, but with the electric shock, it felts like I trained for an hour. There were 6 or 7 moves only each sessions. The electricity gave pulsing action for each rests in every movements. 4 seconds pulsing, 4 seconds resting. I was shocked at first but each times I got used to the pulses.

The EMS training gave me a sweaty ends. After that Mr. Zee asked me to stand still with both of my hands holding the machine. He said it's for the cooling down session and to increase my metabolism. While I was being pulsed (again), Mr. Zee explained the results from my weigh before. My lower body was weak, he said. And he's right. I know my weakness is my lower body. Isn't the machine genius or what? It knows our weaknesses as well. That's why Mr. Zee gave me more lower body practices. I can feel my lower body is aching more than the others.

Overall, I love the EMS training. It doesn't take too much time. Just 20 minutes out of your 24 hours. For a busy 9 to 6 worker like me, EMS training is perfect. Mr. Zee recommended to do this training 1-3 times a week for an effective results.
The price for the EMS training is unfortunately a little over budget for me. You can see the prices on top pictures. First timers will get 8x training for IDR 2,999,000.

Overall, it's a 4,5 out of for me. The only problem is the location and the high price they offer. But for health, I think it's not a problem for you!

Thanks for Clozette Indonesia and 20FIT for giving me a 20 minutes fun EMS training!

Instagram Clozette Indonesia: @clozetteid
Instagram 20FIT: @20_fit

 Location: 20FIT Sunter
Ruko Puri Mutiara, Jl. Sunter Agung Blok C-17, Komplek Food Centrum Sunter
021-6531 8510/11, Whatsapp 0821 1224 9530
Thank you for reading!
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