Clozette Indonesia X The F Thing [Review]

9:30 AM

Hi, fellas!

So, thank's to Clozette Indonesia who gave me another chance to review a fashion website called The F Thing. If you haven't know it yet, The F Thing is fashion e-commerce and lifestyle platformMillenials and gen Z are their target market. The generation who is always online on the internet and social media. You can follow their Instagram @thefthingworld for latest updates! Clozette Indonesia and The F Thing give me an experience to shop at The F Thing. They have so many choices on any price ranges. They classify the products to two options; men and women. They have so many great choices that I'm confused at first but at last I bought my self a brown tote bag from a local brand called Ruth Bags.

To be a part of their community, you have to sign up first. It's very easy to follow. Once you confirm your profile on your email, you're good to go! It's easy to shop there. You can adjust the price range, the color you wanted, the sizes, etc. If you have many things you love, you can save them as your wishlist. And if you're ready to buy, simply just add them to checkout! The process is easy and if you're confused, you can chat the customer service as you scroll down to shop for another. They respond very fast and I'm so satisfied with their answers everytime I ask them questions.
If you've already checkout, they give you 48 hours to pay what you buy. After you confirm your payment you will get your products 3-4 days after you confirm.

Now let me talk about the product.
I chose Taylor Bag-Brown from RUTH Bags because I found it very classic and functional. They have it in 3 colors; red, black, and brown. The reason why I picked the brown one because it looks classic and I think I need another non-black bags. I know it's neutral and it will go with every outfit. And I'm right! Look how the size is just enough to bring my essential stuffs, and the material is leather look-alike. My friends on Instagram also adore this bag the moment I posted it on InstaStory. So, I guess it's very worth the price!

Don't forget to follow @clozetteid for latest updates in fashion and lifestyle or join their community at their website!

Full outfit will be posted soon!
Bye, now.


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