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What's more comfortable and complimented than a high waisted baggy jeans? None. At least for me. Interesting story when I bought this jeans. It's from Uniqlo. I saw it displayed on a mannequin and I was so curious about the price. I've never been so curious about anything in life but that time was different. Me and mom couldn't find it hanged or folded. So I asked the staff and she kindly searched for it; when finally she told me: it's sold out! Thankfully the staff was so kind to let me try the jeans. And God is good! It's a perfect fit for me. When I asked what's the price is, she told me it's IDR 99.000 (around $9)! I didn't think twice, I bought it right away.

Sorry for such a long story. So, classic me decided to pair the jeans with crop top. It's been a long time since I wore one because of my lowered self esteem. But I decided to bring back my confidence despite my body weight, height, etc. The one I can't control is how people talk. I can't lie, sometimes bad words hurt me. Some like "you're getting fatter" or "your calves seems bigger" and something like that. I try to put on my IDGAF face but it definitely lowered my self esteem.

But from now on, whatever happens, I won't let myself down anymore. If I feel comfortable with my body, why should I mind with what they say? I'll continue talking nice and encourage people because that's just who I am. I mean, if I'm in their position I want nothing but kind words and encouragement from others. So that's what I'm going to give them.
Well, the last time I know, we have law here for body shaming ;)

So, what's your resolution this year? Are you going to be nicer to people and just mind your own business?

MANGO Shirt / FOREVER 21 Crop Top / UNIQLO Jeans / ZARA Platforms & Bag

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