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Hi, cool readers!
How's your Christmas this year? Have you got many presents from your family and friends? Do you want more? I have a good news for you! SHEINSIDE and Veren Lee are having a Christmas giveaway! If you're following Veren's blog, you would know what's going on. And here it is..

The winner may pick one of the sweaters above!

How to win:
1. Follow Veren Lee's blog through bloglovin' / GFC
2. Register on
3. Leave your name and e-mail address on Veren's blog
Extra points:
  1. Follow Veren's instagram (verenleecious)
  2. Follow Veren's twitter
  3. Post about this giveaway on your blog
This giveaway is open internationally until January 7th 2013. I bet your Christmas will be more special with many presents and one of 'em is from SHEINSIDE!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck for all participants (and for me too!)

See ya!

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  2. Followed back!
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  3. Hello michella :)
    good luck for this giveaways !!!
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  4. good luck!

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  6. Miss xmas
    much LVE

  7. ciao,
    nice !

    would you like to follow each other ? please let me know so far I'll follow back


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  10. Hi there! So glad to found this wonderful blog :D

  11. thanks all for the comments :) for those who wished to follow each other, i'll follow you soon (of course if i like your blog), as soon as i start to write something on my blog :)
    stay tune!

  12. good luck everyone !!

    Please vote me with click heart button
    your voice are really important for me
    "The Sunny Day is taking Over"
    Thank u so much <3


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