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First post in 2015. How's your New Year's party? Was it good? Mine was okay. I didn't really have a party, I just visited my grandma's home and there was where everybody a.k.a my big family came to celebrate new year. It was nice to gather with family but sometimes I wish I was with my friends and get drunk hahaha sorry mom!

Okay, I bet everybody has already made resolutions for this year. Some want to get skinny, some want to get good grades, some want to travel the world. It's okay to make resolutions to motivate yourself but I have never made resolutions. I prefer to go with the flow (it sucks, I know). I never set any goals, I never had any dreams (that kinda dream of what do you wanna be as you grow up). I'm a messed up. The positive thing about not having resolutions or goals, is that I'll always be surprised everytime I achieve something. That's the best thing.
Ugh, holiday is almost over and I haven't finished my homeworks. Too lazy but in the end of the day I'll finish it. Time flies so fast. I'm in my 5th term and for about 2 years (hope less!) I'll graduate. So excited but scary as hell.

New year, new clothes. That's the only thing in my mind LOL. But these are not new. Maybe you remember this sweater from my previous post here.

I thank you for all of you who read my blog. I'm sorry if I'm such a lazy blogger but I'll try to do better. I wish you'll read my blog and support me because all I need is support. I'll write as long as people read my blog even if it's only one loyal reader. Thank you guys and have a nice day (hopefully a great year!)

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