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Last Saturday I decided to cut my boring hair. Not because it's a new year and I need new hair. I planned this months ago. I wanted to try a different hairstyle (and I will not try this again because it doesn't work for me-_-) so I asked the stylist to give me front bangs. I didn't cut my hair at my usual salon because it's too expensive and I went to a cheaper salon where my sisters cut their hairs. To be honest, this hairstyle doesn't suit me. I hate it from day one. It's not the salon but it's the stylist. I guess she doesn't understand what customers want and what they need to have a flattering hairstyle. My bangs is too short meanwhile I have this round face. You can imagine how unflattering my hairstyle is. And I'm so mad. But what can I say. I just need to be patient until my bangs grow longer and perhaps it'll be better (I hope!). I'm planning to dye my hair but I guess I'll wait until my hair become less weird.

This is my outfit last Sunday. I bought this top awhile ago and I love it so much! I was between two choices when I bought this. There's a cool black velvet crop top and I just want to buy it too if I have enough money. This top is nice and fit to my body. It's not itchy so it's so comfortable to wear.

My hair looks good when I wear hats. I love it more like this. And I need to figure out hairstyle that looks good on me with this hair when I go to college. Pinterest is my friend now :)
When I did this outfit pics, it was windy and my skirt couldn't stay down for awhile. And my hat almost fly because the wind is so crazy, it ruined my skirt and my hair.

So, what do you think about my new haircut? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it okay? Because I/m not confident with this hair and I just wanna cry :'(
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