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Here I am again after my hiatus for about 2 weeks or so. It's a random post, actually. I don't have any outfit photos to share here because I'm extra busy and I didn't have time to take pictures. Good news, tomorrow is my last day of my last term. The hardest, the most expensive, the most hectic subject. I'll do a presentation with my friends and I hope we'll kill it (wish us luck!). Because it's a random post, I just want to talk about random things.

My life has been depressing me. Always makes me to choose between two or more choices. But that's the point, right? The thing is, I'm a bad chooser. I always choose the wrong things. Anybody feel me? But I cover it up beautifully so nobody sees me as a depressed one. They will only see me as the strong one. But it's not easy because when you're the strong one, nobody offers you a hand. They think you don't need it because they always see you strong. They never see me cry. Well, guess what? I cry almost every night. When everybody's asleep and lights are gone, I cry like a baby. I'm not that strong. But I need to look like I'm strong enough so people can ask me for help. I always try to be there when someone needs me. But who's there when I need someone?

My life is always about disappointment. Because I care to much, I love to much, I expect to much. I thought life is about karma. What goes around, comes back around. You reap what you sow. And when I love somebody too much, they don't love me like I love them. Even if I care and remember little things about them, they don't do the same. Yeah, I expect to much. I know I need to stop expecting before it ruins me, before it hurts me. But sometimes, make things up in my brain calms me. Even if it's only a dream, or a wish that won't happen.

My life is bullshit. Where promises are made to be broken and plans are fake.

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