Paint Me Black

10:47 PM

Okay, what to write? I’m in such a hectic moment. I feel exhausted. Like I can’t go through this again. I’m bored. My habitual activities have bored me. I feel like this life has drained me with all I have. Well, don’t you feel bored to wake up in the morning, go to school/work, get back home at twilight? Maybe it’s just me. I really don’t want to skip anything in my life but this time I wish I could skip my life until I have a cool job, perfect husband, big house, and all I would do is travelling. Life sucks. College has drained me. I hate it but I kinda like it because I learn things that I didn’t know before, and turns out I love it. But, still..

Have you people bored reading this blabbering? I don’t even know if there is a single reader except my bestie, Cindy (I love you so fuckin’ much!!)

I mentioned about having a hair dye in my previous post, right? I want to color my hair as crazy as I can, but apparently, crazy is not so crazy anymore! I miss the time when people with unicorn hair were freaks. But now it's so common. The hair trend I see nowadays is black and white, like Shei, a contestant from ANTM. Ugh do you know who the real trendsetter was? Cruella de Vil! Y'all saw her as a freak but know you want to look like them. I can't decide what color should I choose because now I want it more subtle and mysterious instead of unicorn color. Well, I'm not that kinda person who follow trends. I love to be different.

This is my outfit last Sunday. I’m so sorry for this late post because I’m so busy and my internet connection was a trash. Next week I’ll have my final exam for this term. So maybe I won’t post anything until another 2 weeks. But who knows, maybe I’m a rebel!

Top - Stradivarius
Boots - LaSenora
Hat - H&M
Pentagram Choker - Lunar Cult

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4 thoughts

  1. super cool black outfit! and if you had dyed your hair crazy by the time you wore this outfit it would've been amazing, imagine the crazy colors clashing with the all black look.

    1. awee you make me wanna dye my hair right away^^
      thanks kak wynne :)

  2. Great outfit, love your style <3


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